Move FreePBX to Virtualbox


I was given the task to move a running FreePBX system to a Virtualbox on a different system.

Any ideas how this can be done?

I am fairly new to Linux…


You probably should research “physical to virtual” tools for VBox, there are many recipes.

Thanks. I have spend 6 hours n this, but I found nothing that I could get working.

Okay, one step forward.

I now moved a running FreePBX distro into a Virtualbox. Did not change a single bit. I kept the old IP etc. Had selected bridge mode for the network card in Virtualbox.
Shut down the old system and started the virtual.
Immediately the extensions (11) registered and I could do internal phone calls. However the IAX2 trunk stayed down – status “UNREACHABLE”.

I can ping out and also have DNS.
So, somehow it must be a network issue, but I have no idea where to look.


Was a network routing issue.

“Old” NAT routing tables in the router.