Move freepbx from server to vps


Right now, i have a server running the ISO version of freepbx (latest version). Server is a simple atom 230, 1GB ram and 500GB disk. Way too much, so i tried to install freepbx to a Xen VPS (own server). I gave it two cores (of a 8-core processor), 1GB ram and 25GB disk.

I could do the installation, but the backup (old server)/restore (new vps) failed.

I’m not that handy with linux, so is there somebody here that would copy all data from my server to my vps so that everything work? They are both inside the same network, even the same IP range.

PS : i tried the full copy/restore.

Thanks for any solution,


What do you mean by the restore ‘failed’?

I’ve recently done something similar and here’s what I did:

  • Take a backup from the current working FreePBX server to FTP. Backup included everything I could add without creating my own templates (recordings, configs, etc etc)
  • Installed the same distro version of FreePBX on another VM at another site
  • Copied over the .tgz from the backup to the FTP server at the new site
  • Performed a restore to the new server from the backup. ** IMPORTANT ** there are two files which should NOT be restored:


You can uncheck these when you do your restore.

Hope this helps!

I retried to install freepbx to the vps and i’ve done the backup like you’ve said. Everything works right now! Just a small problem with the menu’s (see attachment)