Move FreePBX distro from USB flash drive to hard drive

I recently downloaded and install the FreePBX distro at this URL: To do the install, I put the image on a USB flash drive and booted from the drive. As far as I can tell, the install went fine as I can access the web interface from another computer. However, the system is still running off of the flash drive. The install seems to have wiped the hard drive of the computer, but not installed the system on it. I can boot into CentOS on the flash drive and it works fine if I do, but if I try to boot from the hard drive, it won’t boot.

How can I move the system from the flash drive onto the hard drive? Any help is appreciated.

Burn the install to a CD. Reinstall using the CD.

There should be an option to choose the install destination, as some systems don’t have CD-ROM drives.

first, mount the usb drive you’ve just created to install freePBX, and open “syslinux.cfg” in notepad. Download the file pointed to by the “ks” parameter under the “STABLE” menu item. Edit this file appropriately (see… for help) to force installation to a specific device (hda, hdb, etc). Put the new file on a webserver and change the “ks” parameter in syslinux.cfg to point to your own kickstart file. That’s it, just plug in the usb drive in the target system and boot! :slight_smile: