Move Asterisk/FreePBX to new machine

That’s a very specific and scary message. One of the high-powered professionals should be along shortly.

From the sounds of it, though, the hardware is getting in the way of the “standard” kernel config.

Yes, that’s what I thought, too. I figured that the older distros (Centos6), may not know how to deal with current hardware and Schmooze6.5 might have caught up with that. The interesting point, though, is that the real old distro (with Centos5.5) DOES load and run.
the intermediate distros also had problems with the ethernet card (I had to configure that manually during the installation). Again the real old one and the newest one don’t have that issue.
I don’t really want to use the intermediate distros, but the information on this site says that there is no direct upgrade path from Centos5 to Centos 6, and it requires an intermediate step to install Centos 62 first and transfer the Asterisk/FreePBX configuration there first.
I am starting to think it might be better to set the system up from scratch …

That sounds like the simplest course of action to me as well.

I am trying this right now, but I am running into new issues. I’ll set up a new topic for that.