Most reliable way to forward number to external number?

Hi, I’m using another VOIP service for 1 month to check them out, and would like to keep my current DID on my PBX box and forward it to their number, just so I won’t need to deal with number transfers back and forth if we choose not to stay with them after a month.

What is the most simple way (for the asterisk core) and reliable way to set that in FreePBX Distro (to prevent any technical issue and to get the call forwarded the fastest possible) ?

Thank you!


You want to replace your FreePBX box with them?

If so, that’s quite naughty of you… :wink:

If you want to keep FreePBX in the loop I would do what @dicko suggested here:

However, you might be able to do it directly on your provider’s site and remove your current PBX entirely from the loop…

(I know some providers allow this, notably…)

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PS: Let’s hope things don’t work out and you stay with FreePBX… :wink:

I have a better idea…
This “LOCAL/[email protected]” gave me an idea to just create a virtual extension that will go to my work cellphone and will skip the new voip service (BTW, my PBX box doesn’t go anywhere, for my home uses I’m addicted to this system).
My only question is, with “inbound route -> custom extension”, where can I set an announcement (to let me know from which phone number I received the call AND keep the original CID).


You don’t. You send the inbound route to your announcement, which then sends the call to your extension. You can include a call to “SetCallerID” in the middle if you are having trouble with the Caller ID getting lost.

Note, some providers will reset your CID for you (apparently as a “favor”) so you may not actually be able to set the foreign caller ID.

best to do it at the vsp level, that way you are “out of the loop”, if the VSP doesn’t support that, then you can do anything you want with a custom extension that will be called on an inbound call to that DID

In theory, setting the “CID name prefix” under the “General” tab of your inbound route should alter the caller ID name to let you know it went through that route… It’s not an announcement but it would let you know the call how the call was routed to you…

In practice, if I recall correctly this doesn’t work when the call is forwarded outside…

If you want an announcement (and something which is quite sure to work) I would suggest creating a ring group, put your phone number followed by a pound sign ("#") in Extention list, set Confirm calls to Yes and set a Remote announce.

Set that ring group as destination of your DID…

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Geez, you guys are fast… :wink:

I started writing my preceding reply before any of you posted but got distracted by my brother and during that time both of you had time to post…


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Thanks for all the replies, you guys are awesome!

Previously I called it announcement, but what I was looking for is the Confirm Call - Remote Announce option, to play the announcement only to me (the receiver, and not to the caller), so I think the Ring Group option gonna be good for me.

Now, another concern. My company require to record all calls, is it still going to record the whole conversation when I use Ring Group to an external cellphone number?

Is there any known technical difficulties I should be aware of with using Ring Group (in general or with external numbers)? it’s a production server so stability and minimum delays are very important (Asterisk 13.13.1).



I have never done this but I see no reason why it would not work since the call does go through your PBX… It should be able to record it like every other call…

Good luck and have a nice day!