Most incoming calls go directly to voicemail

I’m having some odd issues with incoming calls on a home office FreePBX install ( I updated it a few days ago and noticed problems, but they may have occurred before then.


  • FreePBX VM (2 vCPU, 2GB RAM) running in KVM on Fedora 31.
  • 8-9 Aastra 57i phones.
  • 1 Grandstream ATA for cordless phones.
  • Two DID’s - one for home number, one for home office.
  • Using SIP trunk with
  • There are daytime and nighttime ring groups, which just vary on which phones to ring during specific times. These haven’t been changed for months.
  • For the home office DID, I originally thought the phone was having an issue, so I factory reset it and configured it again (but have the same issues).


  • Incoming calls on either DID are going directly to voicemail probably 75-90% of the time.
  • When the calls go directly do voicemail, there are no entries in /var/log/asterisk/full, even though the log is set for verbose.
  • When calls do ring extensions, there are entries in /var/log/asterisk/full.
  • When calls ring extensions and go to voicemail, sometimes there’s a fast busy signal (and no message).
  • Outbound calls work fine.

I’m not an expert in FreePBX, so let me know what other info is needed or what to check.

Thanks for any help.

Then they are not being processed by your PBX.

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They are getting the voicemail message I recorded in the PBX, so it’s hitting part of it.

Are you sure that you don’t have a similar greeting on

What does the log show for the failed calls?

Confirm that the VM is set up for bridged networking. Also that qualify is set for the trunk.

What router/firewall do you have? Anything changed recently there? Does it have a public IP address on its WAN interface? If not, please explain (modem is configured as router, ISP does NAT, etc.)?

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I never configured any greetings in (I did check again).

I realized that I have a ring group set in for both DID’s to ring my PBX and NomoRobo (spam call blocking). No greetings are created with NomoRobo.

In the call detail records, there are a few entries for “No Answer”, but less than the number of calls going to voicemail. I haven’t found any other log yet.

VM is set for bridged networking and using Virtio drivers. Only 1.8MB in swap used.

Qualify is set for “yes” for the trunk.

Using a Ubiquiti Edgerouter-X as router/firewall, with Arris SB8200 cable modem on Xfinity (Gigabit plan). Edgerouter has public IP. I believe I enabled DPI (deep packet inspection) a month ago or more. Nothing else has changed (no firmware updates).

Another note - when the call goes straight to voicemail, I get an email with the message as an attachment. It still doesn’t show in the “full” log.

Sounds to me like you have multiple pbx’s registering to the provider using the same credentials. Warm spare? Test system set up somewhere you forgot about?

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Thank you lgaetz! That was the issue - a VM with an older version of FreePBX got started after the VM host was rebooted. I can’t believe I didn’t see that.

Thanks to everyone for the help.

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Don’t ask how I recognized the symptoms :frowning_face:

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