Most efficient recommended log levels in FreePBX

If FreePBX is running smoothly, and you only really want to log the critical errors or any information that would help deter a hacking for example, how would you configure the log levels?

I’ve read however it shows having verbose enabled. Surely for a normal running system you don’t want this level of logging unless something is wrong?

How do you have yours?


Well for fail2ban to work you will NEED notice/warning and security going to the file that fail2ban is watching (probably full unless hand installed), there is little efficiency/advantage in removing debug nor verbose (unless perhaps writing to a PI) , because IF you have a problem, you will never have a backtrace. the /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file will control the level of verbosity and debug ( legally 1-99 but you will peg-out at 5, but I believe the default Verbosity is 3 and the default debug is 0) of the logs and if you reduce verbose to below 3 you or fail2ban might miss something important.

All in all, unless you know what you are doing and why, DFWI :wink:

While this is true, in the Disto we log those entries to a separate file (/var/log/asterisk/fail2ban) and do not give users the ability to change that in the GUI. GUI logger settings will not affect fail2ban (System Admin intrusion detection settings).

No you don’t. But an unmodified FreePBX distro install will rotate log files and purge them after a week, so there is no issue with disk usage. It is better to have the log lines when unneeded than wish for them when they are. Default settings are fine for normal installs.

I find it difficult to wade through the system log, especially if I don’t know when the problem occurred nor what caused the problem. But I do want to thank you for pointing out the acronym DFWI, I like that a lot and will be using it in future