More than three cases of Asterisk 13.8.1 Crashing

I receive this message in /var/log/messages when I hear that calls are dropping and can notice that Asterisk has only been running for xx amount of minutes:

May 2 10:16:02 fpbx kernel: asterisk[10139]: segfault at 154 ip 00007f1468524a4c sp 00007f144a6ca1c0 error 4 in[7f1468511000+39000]

Is anybody else experiencing an issue like this? I haven’t seen any recent reports of this problem, and my systems are gradually updating to Asterisk v 13.8.1. Nothing in the systems’s queue config looks out of the ordinary… yet it is causing asterisk to segfault (

Specifically this is Asterisk 13.8.1 x86_64 running on the FreePBX 13 distro.

Later this afternoon I will link my Digium bug report or one similar if it already exists.

It looks like this may be the issue. there are some issues that more closely match your issue but they are closed and linked to this bug.

It seems like this could be related. Unfortunately because these are live servers I can’t spend time to gather necessary info prior to running asterisk-version-switch to convert to Asterisk 11.

@jfinstrom - do you have any suggestions of info I can grab that would be helpful to Digium the next time this happens (on probably another server that is deployed with 13.8.1 and using queues?

It looks like this may go back to 13.1 It has a linked internal ticket so someone is working on it. You may want to poke your head in to IRC #asterisk or #asterisk-dev on

13.8.2 has already resolved this issue. Please use that version.

Thanks! I’ll send an upgrade command for any systems exhibiting this issue.

I’m running 13.8.2 and i am still experiencing the same issue.

This is related to this asterisk bug:

It’s going to be in 13.9, which is due for release shortly (it’s at -beta2 now)