More than I need?

I’m helping a “men’s shelter” with a project. They’d like potentials to call one phone number (Twillio or something?), and it would get routed to one of 15 volunteers who have taken specific shifts.

So the total number initially is under 20 numbers (volunteers) and one incoming number.

Question is, how much overhead is involved in learning and getting up? For what I need is there something simpler?

Thanks, Mark

Way more than you need. Take a look at

I can see I don’t have the vocabulary for what I’m looking for, it’s a new project for me. What I’d like to do is be able to route the calls to specific existing phone numbers based on an ‘easy to use’ scheduler…what would that be called in terms phone people use?

My handle is not Leap Frog, that’s my experience level.

Anyway, what you want is a time condition based forwarding.