More than 100 outbound routes

Hey everybody,

I am trying to create a PBX for a student dorm with 120 people.
So I tried to create outbound routes, but if I try to add the hundreths route in AsteriskNow (Freepbx this new route is added not at last position, but in first position with a wrong name and the route that was last before is deleted.
Are there any system-variables that it I can change?

I do not want to upgrad to version 2.8 because I need to use custom contexts.
(Maybe this will not even help)

I hope you can help.
Even an answer that there is no chance to solve this problem would help.

Thanks and Best regards


Custom Contexts works fine on 2.8, you just have to upgrade to the 2.8 version during your upgrade process.

I am not aware of issues that may have existed in 2.7 wrt to 100 routes, but in 2.8, I don’t think you will run into any limitations because of the way that part of the code has been re-written.

Hey Philippe,

I have installed a new system with AsteriskNow and updated Freepbx to Version 2.8 via module admin immediately.
After that I added custom contexts rc1.1 from here:
Do I need to make it in a different order?

I was getting some trouble with 2.8 and CC:
When I created trunks, some of them were only shown in “FreePbx System Status” as “IP Trunk Registrations” (34/34 were registrated) but in “IP Trunks Online” there were only 6/6.
Outgoing calls did not work on every trunk. I have made a lot of tests with different configurations on extensions, custom contexts, outgoing routes and trunks and finally I made the conclusion that it is a problem with CC.
Maybe I did something wrong but after reading
I decided to use 2.7 again but received the 100-routes-problem.

Is it a known problem with different number of “IP Trunks Online” and “IP Trunk Registrations”? (Maybe this problem is not related to CC?)
Should I use a different CC-Version?

Thanks a lot


you should use the Online Module Admin in the extended repository to make sure you have the correct Custom Context module (which is probably the one you mentioned, I’m not sure).

Beyond that, you’ll have to look closer at your various trunks, probably from the CLI, to see what might be going on.

Hi Philippe,

thanks für helping.
I have found my mistake: I created Trunks with the same name like the extensions (the room-number). After understanding that this will not work I changed the names and many hours later everything works perfectly on 2.8 with CC.

Best regards