More iSymphony Issues

I have now worked out that the version of iSymphony that is being distributed with the latest stable version of FreePBX is very old!..

See the official word from iSymphony support…

iSymphony v2.x is end of life’d and was last updated in 2013. I’d be interested as to what version of FreePBX you’re installing that comes with iSymphony v2.8. Since it’s end of life’d there is no support offered for more than a year (May 2015).

When you install FreePBX it installs iSymphony 2.8.8 as part of the install.

So I tried to upgrade. OMG the instructions on the iSymphony website “leave a little to be desired”.

So my question is how come the FreePBX disto is so far behind the current release of iSymphony?

I know there is talk of Smooze releasing their own CTI for FreePBX which I cant wait for :slight_smile: any news of this?

From what I have been told many other installers have had similar issues with iSymphony and are choosing just not to run CTI, I also have used FOP2 (getting a little dated now) - what other decent commercial products are out there?

Look forward to your comments on this as CTI is important to me and my customers.

[[email protected] admin]# rpm -qa | grep iSym
[[email protected] admin]#

I don’t know how old your ISO is, but I think you should probably get a newer one 8)

You might want to look at at fop2 again, it is actually being actively developed (by Nicolas) , it has no memory leaks (no poor java code there :wink: ), is highly customizable and at 40 bucks it makes iSymphony look totally lame and over priced. . . . (JM2CWAE)

Download on friday from the FreePBX site. V10.13.66-32bit stable …

Where did you get your ISO from???

Mine was from the site and is the latest stable release…

Hmmm, I do get your point re pricing - but I understand that iSymphony now has a PC Windows client?

But I’m having trouble with the install of V3.3.X and unfortunately my Linux is not great. But even following their instructions on the web site its not good (putting it nicely).

Start with :-

You don’'t need a client, it runs by default as a webby thing on port 4445 ( http://your.machine.address:4445 ) acessible from any windoze/apple/android/gameboy thingy.

if needed for your deployment , pay special attention to the ‘…Can I popup an arbitrary URL when a call comes in?..’ bit.

Yes but that is not a good thing, being Flash based is limited in functionality.

Again, read the FM, it no longer uses flash, it’s all html5 now (so maybe some winblows browsers won’t work :frowning: )

yea but still quite dated. I used to run FOP about 4 years ago and from what I can see has not really changed that much. In my mind needs a bit of a makeover from a end user perspective. Browser based apps can be a bit of a pain to users we find.

It is now FOP2, have you tried it yet ? it’s free for a few endpoints and by my criteria not a PITA at all. But it’s your call, your money and your choice to trust java code or not. Do you use the UCP by any chance?

Dicko, I have to agree - after having a play around (re acquainting with FOP2), it is a far better product for the money.

With thanks.

Just FYI we moved to isymphony 3.x over 3 years ago in FreePBX so no clue how or why you are saying you have version 2.x. Something does not add up here.