More firewall questions

For various reasons, I had to add a NIC to my FreePBX and connect it directly to the internet.

I turned on the Responsive firewall. I seeing strange things.

  1. although I have 10 working extensions, I only see 4 in the list of registered endpoints. Not a big deal, but curious.

  2. Stranger, my boss could not get his phone to register. He added his IP the the whitelist inder Sys Admin/Intrusion detection

here’s how I’m configured:

I assume that since I have as trusted, I can remove all other 192.168.18.xx entries?

Is there anything else I missed?


As for your boss’s issue, have you tried going into asterisk and enabling pjsip debug?
pjsip set logger on

This may give a clue as to why your boss is unable to register.

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