Monitoring with SIP trunk and FreePBX on Panasonic TDE series

Hello everyone.
First I need to say that I’m fairly new to VoIP systems and I’m not sure about which solutions are available to my problem.
I have some Panasonic TDE-100,200,600 which uses legacy PRI setup (with IPCEMPR card installed and have SIP trunk support) and I want to monitor the calls like listening, recording, call reports, etc. (maybe it called extension monitoring). I prefer an API because I want to create my own application for it.
First I found a CSTA document that describes some functionality through TCP/IP but I found it too complicated for my need, so I thought that maybe Freepbx has the ability.
Now I’m thinking about setting up a Freepbx server and set up a SIP trunk on the device and connect it to the server. I found some topics about adding a SIP trunk to Freepbx but I couldn’t find a document about enabling SIP trunk in these devices.
In the maintenance console, I have the option to put either “Virtual 16-Channel VoIP Gateway Card” or “Virtual 16-Channel SIP Trunk Card” (I don’t know the difference) and also have “Virtual 32-Channel VoIP/SIP Extension Cards”. I don’t know which cards and gateways I need to add to the device to enable the SIP trunk. And if this is an appropriate option for my problem.

Are you just interested in ‘tapping’ the calls placed over the PRI interface?

I’m not sure if I call it “tapping” but as I said I need the ability to monitor call logs, setup call records, and even listening to calls. But the system must work on PRI and I don’t want to change the setup or interfere with the setup.

Then for the least intrusive solution, look into a ‘passive tap’ using two Sangoma devices in high impedance mode. One to tap RX and one to tap TX.

(thanks to Moises Silva)

Thanks for the answer. I just overviewed the document you send and I have some questions:

  1. Using external hardware is not suitable for me so do I really need separate hardware for this?
  2. It seems that using Asterisk PRI tapping is a viable option but I don’t know how to set up a device for it. Can you give me more information about how I need to setup the device?

Surely that link provides all the details, from the physical wiring to the software needed.

It’s been a while since we disconnected the last T1 but this solution worked fine for billing and monitoring calls for quality assurance.

The Panasonic PBX is not aware of its presence and needs zero configuration.

Thanks but the document suggested the T1/E1 link which I prefer SIP trunk over it. Can I just enable the SIP trunk on the device and connect it to an Asterisk enabled server like FreePBX and setup the tapping afterward?

not unless the Panasonic provides that facility. It’s not a FreePBX/asterisk thing.

It is weird because I found this which builds over Asterisk. So what is wrong with setting up a SIP trunk on the device and connect it to the Asterisk enabled server?

Nothing, but you won’t be able to monitor any calls NOT going through that SIP trunk (via asterisk), neither inbound nor outbound.

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Thanks for the answer. I got that but can I change the current setup to use the SIP trunk? I mean suppose that I have an old PRI line set up in my office that connected to the hybrid-PBX device. Can I make it to use the specific SIP trunk?
If the answer is negative I think I need to set up the T1/E1 link option. So can I use it with my current setup? (I mean without adding the Sangoma card)
I apologize for any inconvenience as I don’t have enough knowledge about these systems.

That would be a question for Panasonic.

I found some tutorials about setting up a SIP trunk for these devices (like this). So is this a true setup and can I use this?

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