Monitoring OUT OF SYNC

All of our call monitor recordings are out of sync!

On short conversations it isnt so bad but the lag gets worse as the time moves on, i.e. just reviewed a 210sec recording and the other caller was lagging by 16 seconds about 160secs in!

However this ones odd… If i turned the volume up I can faintly hear the synced audio response, in other words say at 160sec the lady actually should respond “hello Chris”, I can at a strain just about hear that, however at an audio level far below mine, then 16secs later the audio responce is reheard “hello Chris” however at an audio level equal to mine!

I can forward an example file if required?

Asterisk (Ver.
PBX-in-a-flash deployed and all sources updated etc regularly!
CentOS 5.3 (Final)
Kernel Vers 2.6.18-164.el5 (SMP)
AMD Sempron 2800+ (1.61 Ghz (256KB Cache))
Could be something codecs used?
Please help,



Anyone? this is getting so frustrating now?!

Please help!

I don’t know what this means, but I have been writing a problem and solution guide for future reference and I saw a problem like this. The user solved their own problem and said that the solution is:

Install the nex sox version (1.4.3) overwriting the oldest (13.x).

Hope that helps, it is better than nothing.

Cliffster you are brilliant!!!

I have only checked three recording after doing an update but it is now working prefectomondo!

Is there somewhere we can see your Q&A guide once its done?


I don’t feel so smart when I am in this forum. There are some very smart folks in here. Sort of why I do it this way. Then I can search one resource.

I will add it to my manual and post it on scribd:

Actually there is already a Problems & Solutions solutions section.

What I need to add to this manual is a section on setting up a SIP provider. I haven’t done that.

Kudos for the clear instructions on the Ringdale manual. It’s a great read - picked up a few pointers and I’m only at page 38. Definitely a keeper.


Finished scanning through the manual. It should be a sticky on PiaF forum. Great job again!