Monitoring Extensions

I know someone might have already asked about this but I couldn’t find a complete answer.

I have 40 stations and I want to monitor them by extension number. I know that we can monitor extension by 555 but this is on random basis. I want something where you can enter extension number to monitor that specific station.

Is there anyone who have done this before?


I believe ChanSpy will do what you want, here is an example of someone else configuring it on ext 555:

The easiest way to access channelspy is with FOP2, it provides a GUI to monitor and whisper.

How to set up Monitoring an individual extension.

  1. Create Custom Extension using Freepbx browser. You can find this under Tools.
    Custom Extension: 88
    Description: Custom Chanspy
    Notes: allows to monitor custom extension.

  2. Using vi editor add this to the file extensions_custom.conf. This file is here : root\etc\asterisk.
    ;custom file
    exten => _88XXXX,1,Chanspy(SIP/${EXTEN:2},b)

  3. Reload the dialplan
    Root> asterisk –vvvvr
    CLI> dialplan reload

  4. That’s it.

thanks wdroush and SkykingOH .

i need to be able to whisper to agent and the other side can not hear me …

how can i configure this !!?

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