Monitoring Calls

Here is my question
The following is what I am looking for.

Is it possible to monitor all the calls that are incoming.
Is it possible to monitor all outgoing calls.
Is it possible to monitor the average call time per number.
Is it possible to monitor the totall call times per hour/day.

What I would like to do is show all these info on 2 big lcd screens in the call center.

Is there anyone who can give me detailled info about these questions.

Thanks in advance !

umm… i think core show channels in the asterisk cli kinda gives part of what you are looking for? it shows you who’s going out, and who’s coming in, as well as how many calls are currently going through your system…

I thought that the Reports tab should do this, don’t feel bad my Reports no info also.

Did you ever manage to do this i am looking for somthing similar
just want to show no of calls in and out for today then also be able to show daily totals and weekly totals ?

the reports is useless as it shows multiple calls for 1 call.

if you are looking for live reporting [and wall boards] for a call center, there are some assorted efforts out there but in reality, by far the best route i have found is QueueMetrics []. it is not open source, not free, but even so it is way cheaper than trying to build and maintain your own system, especially for a call center with any level of complexity [multiple cascading queues, predictive outbound calling etc]. it does all the things the OP is looking for and does them well [with one exception which is having a really solid solution for call centers that use hot seating]

btw: aside from the fact that i have installed and use this in several call centers, i have no dog in this fight i.e. i am not a reseller.