Monitor User Presence with Digium Phone

I’m new to “Users & Devices” mode, but I’m trying to indicate a user’s presence across multiple devices.

Here’s my example:

(Using AsteriskNOW 3.0 distro)
I have a Digium D50 phone (device id 400), and an X-Lite softphone (device id 401), and a user with id 100. Ideally, I want to indicate to every user/device that this user is ‘on the phone’ when using either the Digium phone or the X-Lite softphone.
To reiterate, I want to give everyone else a visual indicator that I am on the phone, whether I’m using my desk phone or my soft phone.

Is this possible?

I should add that the X-Lite softphone displays my presence properly. (ex. if I use my desk phone or softphone, X-Lite shows me as ‘on the phone’). I just want my Digium phones to do the same!

load each phone with a contacts file (xml)

here is a snippet of what you need. the button on the phone will light when you are on the phone. replace 71 with 100 and the appropriate ip address of your pbx