MOH Streaming refresh

I’ve noticed a problem with streaming MOH. When my ISP’s IP changes or the internet connection resets then streaming MOH stops working. If I restart Asterisk it is fine.

Is there a way to refresh the stream?

asterisk -rx ‘moh reload’

Thank you!!

I meant something like an automatic refresh!

How about a cron job?

That’s why I showed you the command line syntax without having to start Asterisk CLI, you could put that in cron if you needed to.

Great, thanx a lot!!!

would this be OK for an hourly refresh in the crontab file?

01 * * * * asterisk -rx “moh reload”

I think your cron syntax is right, certainly the command is right.

Anyone in channel will get a bump in their music.

I did some tests and it doesn’t seem to work. Is there a chance my crontab syntax is wrong? Maybe I should insert root before the command?

After declaring user root in the command everything seems to work!!

Thank you!!!

The user should be asterisk

Glad you got it working.