MOH Started music on hold, class 'none', on channel - MOH not playing on any Ext

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Still haven’t been able to figure out why MOH not playing, but see the line below in the LOG file and not sure why. Is this due to the RESTRICTED MODE? I am limiting what extensions can use which trunks via extension routing. I have multiple “Categories” defined and the one associate to the extension should be “FWDMOH”

I have reverted back to: without resolution to the issue
Music on Hold 15.0.19 Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation [GPLv3+] Enabled

From Log:
[2021-06-23 20:15:59] VERBOSE[26363][C-0000001f] pbx.c: Executing [XXXyyy9266@restrictedroute-d941e60b2106a76a1eb554a01f9b9f2f:7] Set(“SIP/8000-0000003b”, “MOHCLASS=none”) in new stack

Any help would be appreciated.

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Confirmed the outbound extension config in /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf
exten => XXXyyy1275,n,Set(__MOHCLASS=forwardintellect)

So updated the file /etc/asterisk/musiconhold_additional.conf and change the the [none] entry to the following and now MOH plays, except all extensions are hearing the same moh message. Problem here is that I have multiple company’s with specific voice overs on the music so need to get back to using the specific classes.


Why are all the extensions using the NONE class?

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In your previous post, we asked for a full call trace. Can you please post one via pastebin?

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here it is


BTW: Moh is playing for Conference Ext’s

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What’s the output of:

mysql asterisk -e "select * from outbound_routes where route_id=6"

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Are you sure you select a MOH class in the GUI?

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After seeing that the extension ws tied to the e911 route, I removed it the e911 route from all extensions and MOH is now playing properly.

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The e911 route should only contain emergency number patterns.

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Yes - I have three company’s running off the PBX and several direct dials that all have unique moh files.

I guess I need to look at how I have e911 setup, thought i needed to allow extensions access to the route??

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Right now I have no extensions in the ALLOWED, is that correct? will 911 dials overide this by default?

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FreePBX is not really set up for or designed for multi-tenancy, so you are in uncharted territory here. The fact that you are able to get it working as well as it is is a testimonial to your skill, but this really is way outside the scope of the normal use of FreePBX.

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Thanks, but after 15+ yrs of TRIXBOX, FreePBX and others I am still a "hack", maybe a little better than most, but stupid stuff like this moh issue is still humbling

Well - actually I have a few hosted and this one on-prem all doing the same thing. As long as you keep things organized and don’t allow random dialing of extensions, I define a trunk and assign (Allow) the extensions routing and a few other things and it has worked well.

Went looking for multi-tenant solution a few years ago and the costs were way outa line (MHO).

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BTW - It appears that the e911 Route was polluted with two patterns not related to 911 calling and that is what caused this whole mess. Thanks for pushing for the details, as soon as I saw the extension routing to the e911 Route (Ah…Dho !!!).

Thanks again PitzKeyItzik

Its always the simple stupid stuff that gets things all fouled up!

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