MOH Per Extension

I have been tasked at splitting up our current MOH. Since the beginning I have been using the stock MOH ‘default’ however my organisation now wants to have custom tracks played depending on which extension they go to.

The vast majority will hear the same however as my organisation is split there’s a small group of phones that need to play something else.

I can see that MOH can be set per ring group and queue however these phones are all standalone and not part of any groups and per trunk (all phones on the system share the same trunk)

Is it possible to set a MOH category per extension to help with my query?


It’s mentioned here

Music on Hold: Set a different Music On Hold (MOH) class for this extension. Great for having different music for different offices or companies that are served by the same PBX.

Exactly what I’m after but I can’t see it in the GUI under ‘Extensions’

Do you not see the Music on Hold selection set to default? Have you uploaded your custom MOH and setup the class?

the version of FreePBX in the link is old. What version of FreePBX are you running and how did you install it?

Hi Alan

FreePBX ( installed from official ISO about 18months ago

Class is all set up with some demo clips uploaded, all tested fine.

I can’t see any MOH option under an individual extension

looking for the same solution…any thoughts?

This can actually be done through the SIP settings using the “mohsuggest” option. (I just tested this under Asterisk 11.7.0 and it worked) I have also used the older versions of this setting on older versions of Asterisk with some success (via the “musicclass” sip setting).
Problem is, the FreePBX GUI does not have this in the “Device Options”. You could set it in the sip_additional.conf file for each user, but as soon as you make any changes through the GUI the file is rewritten.

Another option would be to create sip users through the sip_custom.conf file but then you loose all the good stuff that comes along with the GUI and you have to build your routes and bla bla bla. This really is not a good option.

If we could talk the cool FreePBX devs into adding this field to the “Device Options” section for a SIP extension… We would be set :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:


You can add any field you like:

This is the file that allows you to add/remove values to those entries found in the auto-generated sip_additional.conf file. So for example you have an extension 1000 that needs an additional parameter added. Create a context line: 1000 then on the next line add the item(s) you need to add. To remove use (-) instead followed by the line(s) you want removed.

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Thanks SkykingOH! That worked!

So a full example for someone to see…

In the sip_custom_post.conf file, adding:

This assumes I have a SIP extension 1000 and a music on hold category by the name of MOHrock1. The way this works, anytime extension 1000 puts someone on hold, the MOHrock1 category will be used. HOWEVER, this pretty much just works for outbound dialing and extension to extension dialing. Any calls that go through a ring group, queue, or inbound route will inherit the MOH settings from that.

Good luck!

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