MOH Per extension (For internal calls)

I’m using Freepbx I am trying to set a range of extensions (say 300-399) to have different hold music from the default hold music, I need this set per extension because people are picky.

I found out one method of doing this:

However that isn’t really user friendly and if someone else wants to change MOH in the future it won’t be in extensions settings. It’s very likely they won’t look into sip_custom_post.conf to see if some custom code is in there. Is there a way to add the MOH field into the extension settings?

If there isn’t can we use dialplan strings, like 3XX, in that context or do I need to create 99 context’s to make sure 300-399 has that MOH?

Sorry to be rude but tell your users that it cannot be done. The hassle to keep track moh files from the web interface of freepbx for each user doesn’t worth the time. In any case you can try to use the dial options for each externsion. Check the options for the dial applications that asterisk has, Through the option you can set a specific moh category. I don’t remember if it is for the one calling or the one that the users called.