MOH not working from the outside

FreePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1

Hi !

I have a problem with MOH so i made a fresh install of a debian lenny with asterisk and freepbx, but the problem is still here.
I have a basic installation:

  • 1 trunk for the outside
  • 2 phones
  • 1 queue with a MOH (<- the default MOH)
  • 1 inbound route which goes to the queue

When i call the queue from one of the two local phones, i can hear the MOH.
When i call the queue from the outside i can’t hear the MOH (just silence) and phones which are in the queue are ringing.
If a phone picks up the call, sound is ok in both ways humans can talk to each other.
If the phone put the call in hold, then we can here the MOH from the outside.

I don’t think this is a firewall problem even if the asterisk is behind a firewall.
I have NAT for udp 5060->5070 and udp 10000->20000.
Ip configuration and localnet are ok, and nat is set to yes.

Everything is working fine except the MOH when calling from the outside.

Does somebody have an idea where i should look ?
I’m on this problem since 2 days and have tried everything i’ve read :frowning:

Thank you in advance !

I would suggest you go to 2.5 until bugs can be resolved from 2.6

Thank you for your answer.

I have now a fresh install FreePBX and … i have the same problem :frowning:
Any other idea ?

Thanks !

Now starting to sound like your Asterisk install has issues.
If you are in just a hurry to get up and running, you can get a pre-made install via PBX in a Flash.