MOH not played while call is OK

Hi everyone,

FreePBX 2.10
Asterisk 1.8

Trying to use a mp3 as Music On Hold, but it is not played when required (even tough correctly uploaded).
When call is answered, both parties talk regularly.
How could I debug this and what could be the problem for you?

Thank you in advance.

Some logs would be helpful.

Is this a distro install or built by hand? How did you install the system?

Do the stock MOH files included with FreePBX work?

Sorry I can’t post logs info because logs are not showing anything about this…
It’s a fresh install of Asterisk and FreePBX compiled “by hand” on CentOS 6.
I tried stock MOH files and they are not playing too, even “ring” instead of MOH is not playing…but when someone answers the call is ok.
I don’t know where to look… by the way, music files are all 0777 (for testing, but no luck).

EDIT: CLI just says that MOH stops just after it starts:
– Started music on hold, class ‘elsamec’, on SIP/1000-0000007d
– SIP/99-0000007e is ringing
– SIP/99-0000007e is ringing
– Stopped music on hold on SIP/1000-0000007d
Maybe this could point somewhere…