MOH Multi Language on inbound route


I have Freepbx 13 with Asterisk 13.

The inbound route go to Languages Module with an IVR with :

  • Press 1 for English
  • Press 2 for Deutsch

The inbound default MOH is the English one.

When I have an inbound call with press 2 for deutsch, if i put on hold the call, he will listen to the English MOH instead of the Deutsch one.

How can I handle with this ?



Language support at this time in FreePBX is for sound prompts only not MoH

I know this. Is there a tip to do this ? With a custom dialplan or what else ? Misc destination ? Follow me on another inbound route ?

You can set MOH in things like Ring Groups, Queues and Inbound Routes. None of that will help when a user puts a caller on hold for example because we have no ability to change MoH on a per extension basis.