MoH Issue with Grandstream ht813

Hi all,

Not new to freepbx, but am new to Grandstream ata devices. I’ve got an ht813 and so far everything works except hold music on the FXO port.

What I assume is important is that so far, the issue has only been observed when the hold music is the first thing that happens when the phone is answered by the ATA.
Basically, user rings in -> immediately sent to ring group (no announcement) -> hold music plays.
The issue itself is that the hold music simply won’t play. Instead, it just continues ringing. I think this is because the Grandstream is not recognizing that the call has been answered. This is because the hold music works when I dial in from another SIP system. Additionally, the Verizon voicemail that is on the line (haven’t disabled that yet but will soon) will take over the call after the usual 4 rings if it has not been answered, even though it should have answered and been playing hold music.

Note that the phones on the group will ring, and if answered, the call will act as you would expect. The ATA knows the call has been answered once someone on the ring group actually answers, but does not think that while the hold music is playing.

Is there a fix for this? Would creating an announcement fix the problem? I would prefer to not have an announcement, but would uploading a file thats just a second of silence fix the problem?

Sorry if that was confusing! Let me know if you need something explained better.

A Ring Group doesn’t answer the call until one of its members answers. If hold music is used, it is played in ‘early media’, so it will be heard on a SIP trunk but (if applicable) you and the caller won’t be charged until an extension picks up (or it goes to voicemail, etc.) You can confirm this by calling in from your mobile to a SIP DID. You’ll hear the music but the cell phone will still be showing dialing or ringing.

On an analog line, its not possible to play audio in early media. The easiest fix is to set Force Answer to Yes in the Advanced Settings for the HT813’s Inbound Route. Unfortunately, this means that the caller is billed immediately (if applicable) and his log will show the call as answered, even if he hangs up before reaching an extension.

Got it! I assumed it had to be something like that (HT not answering until the call was “actually answered”), I just couldn’t pinpoint the exact option!

Thanks for the help!

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