MOH has poor quality, is there an HD x64 Codec?

We have noticed with all our PBX’s that even the on hold default has terrible quality. We have tested this in the cloud and on premise. Even if you call Sangoma directly and are put on hold it has static. From what we have read, sln format has better quality and can clear this up. Is this supported? Is this a codec issue? This is only on the MOH side of things.

Are you talking about the default audio? You can upload any codec/format including HD in the MoH module. Unfortunately the standard pack of MoH we use in FreePBX is 8 years old so it’s in a low SD quality format.

My client is actually complaining about the custom one they made saying the pbx is limited to a low bit rate?

What version of FreePBX?

He said the version is 2.11

Everything in version 12 and lower is 8khz. There is nothing that can be done about that if using the gui.

I don’t have to use the GUI. What are my options to fix? Upgrade? I’ll do what ever it takes

If you don’t want to use the gui then you need to manually move the files into the correct directory on the system where music sits

If you want to use the gui you need to get to version 13

can the upgrade break anything? I have no issues upgrading.

Hi Andrew,

In V13 what types of files can I drop into the correct directory using winscp and have them play for moh? Does the file have to be wav, 8000khz and so on?

Important note here. The quality of the music is seldom the problem. The MOH music could be live, and it would sound like it’s coming over a single 8000 Hz audio channel.

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