MoH extensions/internal calls

Howdy all…

Currently using:
Asterisk 1.4.18
FreePBX 2.4

I’m having troubles setting the “default” MoH for internal calls (extension<->extension) and calls placed on park.

I understand how the MoH settings are tied to the routes (inbound/outbound). I have set the MoH category for my outbound route and my inbound routes to something other than default. I have also set the specific extensions MoH to something other than the default.
Yet, when a call is placed on park (transfered to extension 70) or one extension dials another internal extension and is placed on hold it plays the “default” MoH category.

The MoH category I have is working fine. So I know this isn’t my problem. It seems to be something missing from FreePBX…?

Am I missing something or does this just simply not work?


from what I understand, MOH “classes” should work this way, I haven’t really tried them out in FPBX 2.4 but I set up my soundcard to play MOH from the input on it and it didn’t work…I had to go into Free pbx and remove my MOH settings and re-do it in order for it to register it seemed, sometimes it doesn’t seem to register changes if you do hand written modifications.

What do you mean by hand written modifications? If you change the files you need to tell asterisk to realod them to take effect. But at the same time if you are editing a file that is not a *_custom.conf file it is possible that next time a change is applied in FreePBX you will loose what you are doing to that file as extensions.conf and extensions_additional.conf are system written and managed files so they get replaced often.

I am having this exact problem. I suspect it has to do with a config file sent to my handset but my experience is limited.

FreePBX 2.11
Aastra 6731i F/W

MoH is working fine in every way. Inbound calls sent to quene/hold, and even transfering between internal lines. My problem is when the HOLD button is used on the handset the ‘default’ MoH plays.

Help would be appreciated!