MOH doesn't work during outside call (SIP trunk)

Hello, people!
I’ve encountered problem with music on hold.
I’m performing incoming call from pstn line into my Asterisk v.1.4 with Freepbx v. installed, this call rotes to ring group with MOH set up. During the call I hear no music, just ringing. When I call to the same group, but from internal line, everything is OK - I hear music instead of ringing tones.

Have no idea why this is happening, I’m trying to decide this problem for few days.

Any help would be VERY appreciable!

did you managed to fix this problem ?
I have the same situation here Asterisk 1.6 with FreePBX
when calling the ring group from internal extension its ok
when calling from external sip trunk moh is not working, just ringing
its used to work before, but after some updates (freepbx and/or asterisk)
moh is not working when calling from sip trunk

No, unfortunately.
From the first glance I couldn’t decide this problem, so I’ve postponed it to some time later. If you have any idea, please, get in touch.