MOH default folder


How can I change default folder for MOH? If I modify musiconhold_additional.conf file, changes will be overwritten when freepbx regenerating config files.


You can’t easily. You’d need to edit the php code that generates the config files.

More important what are you trying to do, why, etc…

maybe if you explain what you are attempting and reasons somebody can come up with the solution that will work for you and not break things.

Asterisk 1.4.22 has changed default MOH folder to /var/lib/asterisk/moh instead /var/lib/asaterisk/mohmp3

The simple solution is to create a symlink from one to the other. You have to remember that FreePBX is designed to support many versions and since the older versions of asterisk have always used the mohmp3 folder that’s how it was coded. I do believe it was entered into the bug tracker and it is being addressed going forward but not until the next release if my memory serves me correctly.

ok. Thank you very much :wink: