MOH Change your song!

I’ve got a question for you!
I’m not a good MOH user… I only put some mp3’s in the default folder, and I use a virtual extension to listen to a second category that is configured as a stream… So when I dial 101 I can listen to the stream by the speaker phone…

Here is me question. For the default MOH class… Would it be possible to do something like this :
1 - Call is send on hold
2 - Their is a message played like this : "To change the song, press 1"
3 - Music on hold start (random song)
4 - If the person on hold press 1, the song change
5 - Call is removed from hold

And when you put the person again on hold, it starts again!

Any idea?


MOH isn’t really meant to be used as a MP3 player.

You could probably accomplish this through the dialplan and some cute AGI tricks but I would just buy an ipod…

I don’t wan’t to use it as an iPod… I have an iPod… I wan’t to use it as MOH… So that peoples that are on hold can change the song they are listening to…

This might work.

digit=# ; If this option is set for a class, then when callers are
; listening to music on hold, they can press this digit, and
; they will switch to listening to this music class.
sort=random ; Sort the files in random order

Thank’s I’ll take a look and give news!

It is almost working! It switch from a class to an other… but don’t switch song… Any idea? Thank’s for this one by the way! I’ll check on what I can do from their…