MOH bug minor, with source updated last night, and all modules current as of last night

MOH convert from MP3 to WAV bug requires lower case extension, upper case extension will not convert. You get a file not found error.

Pretty easy to reproduce.


Please report this in the bug tracker. The forum is a great place to talk with other users but when posting bug’s here there is a high likelyhood that the developer will miss it.

You’ll find it at the bottom of this page in the center under Development, Bug/Feature Request.


are the original files .mp3 or .MP3?

TICKET_CREATE_SIMPLE privileges are required to perform this operation

hmmm… working now. Ticket submitted.

the original files are .MP3, it only works if I change them to .mp3.

OK…I wouldn’t consider that a bug. Remember that linux as opposed to windoze is case sensitive. I presume you’ve got some MP3 files from whatever source and have uploaded them to your Asterisk server. This is an issue you have to be aware of no matter what files files you’re uploading to a linux box. In linux FOOBAR.DOC is a different file from foobar.doc, Foobar.doc, foobar.DOC, etc.
That’s just the way things are.


mp3 and MP3 are both valid extensions, and that is a bug if the application doesn’t handle a valid MP3 extension.

I have a couple of MP3s that when automatically named (Via a clean up application) the extension was changed to upper case.

I earn my money in a windows world, so I’m use to supporting customers who run into these types of issues when working with the unix world.