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Modules vulnerable to security threats have been automatically updated

(John Jarrett) #22

No joy Andrew… no errors. I should have mentioned I tried a fwconsole reload but didn’t know about the ma listonline.

Last time it seemed to take some time to disappear?


(Andrew Nagy) #23

Please run: fwconsole notification --list

(John Jarrett) #24

Nothing to show apparently.

[root@TucsonV14 ~]# fwconsole notification --list
| Module | ID | Text |
[root@TucsonV14 ~]#

(Andrew Nagy) #25

According to what you just posted you have zero notifications.

(John Jarrett) #26

Turned Edge off, reloaded and now it is gone.

Happenstance or time?

Cache? Waiting a few minutes seems to resolve it.

(Andrew Nagy) #27

The only command that removes it is fwconsole ma listonline

(John Jarrett) #28

Thanks Andrew!

(Andrew Nagy) #29

Also “Require Strong Secrets Off” does not stop the weakpassword warning.

(Sentinel) #30

I have done all this and still have the warnings

(Andrew Nagy) #31

Re-read my responses in this thread and follow them. When you post the output I will be able to help you.

(system) closed #32

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