Modules Not Loading After Asterisk Recompile

In reference to the discussion at, I am trying to patch chan_sip and recompile Asterisk. I am doing this in a lab environment to test, and if I can get it to work, I would like to deploy to three fully functioning systems.
Steps taken:

  1. Distro downloaded (
  2. Distro installed with no problems.
    2a) Disabled and stopped iptables, ip6tables, prosody, and fail2ban.
    2b) Have attempted these steps running yum update, which updates the asterisk rpms, and have attempted these steps without the yum update. The end result is the same either way.
  3. Ran asterisk -r to get asterisk version. Assuming yum update was not run, the version is
  4. Run yum install -y ncurses-devel make patch libxml2-devel mysql-devel (success).
  5. Grab the Asterisk source from and unzip.
  6. Apply the patch with success. (Even if patch is not applied, end result is the same).
  7. Run configure --with-mysqlclient with no error messages.
  8. Make menuselect, and add app_mysql, app_saycountpl, cdr_mysql, format_mp3, res_config_mysql, and EXTRAS-SOUNDS-EN-GSM.
  9. Run make (with no error messages).
  10. Run make install

When Asterisk is started, all but three modules give the following error messages in the full log - chan_phone shown below:
[2013-11-12 21:27:33] WARNING[14711] loader.c: Module ‘’ was not compiled with the same compile-time options as this version of Asterisk.
[2013-11-12 21:27:33] WARNING[14711] loader.c: Module ‘’ will not be initialized as it may cause instability.
[2013-11-12 21:27:33] WARNING[14711] loader.c: Module ‘’ could not be loaded.

I’m obviously doing something stupid here, and I would appreciate any help I could get to fix this. The other notable issue is that the file sizes are significantly different for the Asterisk modules after the install, with the post install modules being much larger. I suspect that I am using the wrong source, but I don’t know where to find any other one.

Thanks in advance.

Just realize I wrote different version numbers in steps 3 and 5, however, I am downloading the same version from that is shown with asterisk -r. Sorry for the typo.