Modules needed

Hello i post asking about endpoint manger and tftp server. But now the topic is closed i can not reply. I had to recreate this one and ask which commercial modules would i need for the oss endpoint manger and tftp server please?


None , the oss endpoint manager is ‘open source’, tftp servers are a dime a dozen,. But using tftpd on a cloud server is asking for trouble as the t stands for trivial, so you can loose the family jewels easily.

Hello Dicko i need the tftp server because i have Cisco 9971 phone that uses config xml files that are require a tftp server on bootup of the phone or else the phones don’t work. The config xml files gives all the freepbx servers information like the ext and ip address of the server.

the oss manger just made it a little easy to get started on it. But is not really needed.

Then keep the tftp server inside your lan if possible.

You are going to need a LAN TFTP server. You should NEVER expose your TFTP server to the Internet. You could probably implement it on whatever device you are running your DHCP server on.

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