Module won't update

Soooo, anyone ever run into an issue where a particular module won’t upgrade? In module admin, it just shows “enabled, not available online”. If you try to upgrade through the console, I get an error about the module does not have a valid JSON update file. Now, I’ve got this module on another system and it updates just fine. I’ve double and triple checked to make sure everything is ok DNS wise. I can get out to the internet and resolve names just fine.

This happens to be the module from Clearly IP. Not one from sangoma.

This topic can be deleted. I know i probably won’t get much help since this isn’t sangoma related.

Or, ya know, share the solution for anyone looking for a similar fix in future.

well… yeah… Could do that.

To be clear anyone having an issue with a 3rd party module that is not maintained or supported by the FreePBX project should go to the maintainer of the module first.
This includes FreePBX Commercial modules which have a base level of support included.

Keep in mind even though there may be a workaround especially if your issue is an edge case it can only really be fixed through official channels.

Several of us Clearly IP guys are also long time maintainers and contributors to FreePBX so we still offer help and more here, that said this may not be the best way to catch our attention :slight_smile: .

If you run in to an issue with anything of ours feel free to hit us up through your reseller, our support, or you can ping me on here but I am in and out through the day.

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