Module Upgrade email address notification

Since upgrading sites to 3.211.63 i can’t find the location where I can change the email address for module upgrade notifications.
Where did Tony hide it?

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

In module admin since their is no general settings anymore. And dont worry I did not hide it others did.

OMG… It is Tango on the shield…
That’s funny, I didn’t even look there…
Thanks Tony…

No problem. It seemed the logical place to put it when we got rid of general settings since it relates to modules. We took everything in general settings and moved them into their actual modules finally. Glad you like the art work we did. It was fun. Did you see how it changes colors depending on what you have setup.

Where can I define the from: address? I have multiple PBX’s and when I get the update notification it’s impossible to tell where it came from as they all say “[email protected]”. I have it set in voicemail admin and the general settings but I can’t find this one anywhere. I also have the hostnames/domain names set in the systems’ hosts file etc and no dice.

In /etc/hosts

I’ve done that as per my original post… no change.

You would need to set it up in your postfix configs. All emails except voicemail are controlled through the mail server which is postfix on the FreePBX Distro. Other Distros use sendmail