Module update from the GUI fails to connect

I have a system that I need to upgrade to get the modules. Specifically the Core, and Framework ARI, CallerID and Freepbx Localization updates. Using the GUI I am told they need to be updated. When I go to Process the update I get an unable to connect to mirror1(insert long address here) error. My DNS server settings appear to be correct. What else can I check? I need to get this resolved. Also, I cannot register this system. I keep getting a connect error as well So what to do.


Version Information Please.

Should have known better version 2.11

Freepbx distro on Centos 6.2.

Any ideas?

OK I will probably get yelled at. But here goes. Is there any difference in installing the modules automatically or manually? Using the URL from the error I can download the file. So it takes a little longer to update.