Module update downloads hang

When trying to do a module update the downloads only work for modules that are less than 100k in size. Anything larger will hang during the download process.

I know this has been talked about in the forum many times and the solution for most appears to be increase the memory_limit in php.ini which I have set to 128M. When most members are posting their problem they are talking about downloading up to 90% of the module or are successful at downloading the module and are having it hang after the untar.

If I go to the FrePBX file repository, download the file to my machine than use the upload module option I can go back and to module admin and it will show disabled. I update, enable and the module is updated without problem. Very time consuming especially when you receive a call from an old client that wants to get up to date and they are still running 2.4.

I was hoping that after updating to a newer version it may solve the problem but I made it all the way to 2.8 with manually uploading the modules as I described above and the problem continued. This is the only system of about 10 that I have installed with this problem. This is also one of the oldest systems I have out there and granted they didn’t ask for any support over the last few years so who knows what they may have done on their own during this time but I ask the fine members of this forum to help guide me in the right direction to solve this annoyance.