Module Problem New Installation [Solved]


I have just installed PIAF V1.4 (32bit) with * v1.4

I noticed that the base modules on FreePBX were out of date (at 2.5.0) so went to Module Admin where a number of the ‘core’ modules were installed and a number of other modules were ‘Not Installed Locally Available’.

Rather than select the uninstalled modules, I thought I would upgrade the already installed modules, then add in the other modules I wanted later. So I selected ‘Check for Updates Online’, selected upgrade on all the installed modules, then selected ‘Process’ then ‘Apply Config Changes’.

When it had finished, the installed modules were upgraded, but most of the ‘Not Installed’ modules have disappeared.

How do I get the other modules back, so that I can install them?


It appears that the modules were ‘automagically’ deleted from the module directory (and at the same time, from the modules database - so something deleted them in an orderly fashion!).

I was able to restore the modules using the module admin tools in /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework/bin/module_admin and all is well.

Is there any documentation on this tool and others that are scattered within the system?

Thanks to all who helped.