Module licensing

The new documentation states that all module licenses must be compatible with GPL. I am far from a licensing expert (so please excuse my ignorance) but how do the commercial modules fit that license?

This is a guide to build a module, See the description:GPL= “The license tag is used as the open source license descriptor.”

Commercial modules are not released open source, and use a different license descriptor “Commercial”.

If you look at the various modules under Module Admin and expand and click on the Description option you can see the various Licenses for each module.

I thought GPL basically meant open source.  If commercial modules are Zend Guarded, does that mean I can ask for the source?  Or is the obfuscated code considered source?  The official documentation reads "<b>All</b> modules must be compatible with GPL".  I don't understand how that fits with commercial modules.  I know the wiki is relatively new, maybe this line was just "filler"?  As a developer, I respect licensing and other peoples work.  The way I have interpreted the official documentation about custom modules is that I have to make it open source.  Where am I thinking wrong (or am I)?

No like I stated, this is sample code on how to build a module, if your module is going to be GPL, then put GPL. If it’s going to be commercial then put commercial here… I’ve also seen Freeware in this descriptor. Commercial modules are not open source, hence the commercial descriptor and obfuscated code. This descriptor is what shows under the module admin license section. Not sure how I can state that any clearer.

I cleaned up this example for you. It was referring to people who want to give back a module into FreePBX project. This whole section is under the development documentation to outline to developers how to build a module for FreePBX with the assumption that the developer would want their module contributed back to FreePBX and for that it has to be GPL licensed.