Module for Citrix XenXerver PV VM


Started to install Distro on XenServer in PV mode and its appears that kmod-dahdi-linux-xen is absent in repository (

Could you please consider if it could be added.
For now another repo should be added to to let this module be installed:
repo --name=aster --baseurl=


Well we can look into this but it gets complicated since we define the package name in the kickstart. It would take a special kickstart just for PVE or we can add it to the repos for now and you can yum shell erase the old kmod and yum install the new kmod.

But for now our focus with the distro is not on using it in a Zend or ESX environment but on dedicated hardware as long term the quality of phone calls and reliability is not the same having it in a KVM style virtualization.

You can always manually pull down the RPM and install it yourself from Digium.


thak you for your answer.

I understand that the distro is in the very beginning and it has another goals for now.
Because of that, if you’ll just add kernel-xen and kmod-dahdi-linux-xen packages for XenServer environment to the repo it will be enough.

As far as I understand Hosted installations are also very popular in testing environment and in production also (for small installations)

Thank you in advance

iam - Please identify the source of these modules and the version that you need to match the Kernel on the distro?

Are these Digium RPM’s, I don’t see them in any Digium repo

Are they dependent on the xen kernel version?

I wanted to elaborate on what Tony said, how to install by hand:

cd /usr/src
wget ftp://(put complete URL to RPM here)
rpm -ivh (put filenname you just downloaded here)

That will get you up and running with Dahdi in xen.

Actually Scott you can just do rpm -ivh (put complete URL to RPM here).

No need to download first. Just learned that the other day and thought I would pass it on.

We can look at adding them in the future but at this time it is not something we are supporting so if I put them in the repo it implies we are supporting it and we need to than deal with more RPM’s during upgrades and the potential of someone getting the wrong KMOD for their kernel and breaking everything. Our distro is designed to be extremely stable and part of being stable is not offering every option for packages under the sun for every type of hosted application people might be doing.

The way we setup our repos you can safely at anytime type yum update and will never break things because you can only install packages bases on the PBX version and kernel version you have.

That is the module I was speaking about:

With kernel and kernel-devel this is the same version the distro built on, just compiled for xen:


Anyway it could be manualy added to kikstart without problem. I just thought it could be usefull.

No there is no way that I know of to do it in the kickstart as there is no intervention in the kickstart. It just list the packages and installs them. You are more than welcome to just yum erase the 2 and rpm -ivh the 2 packages you want.

Ok, this is in the Asterisk Now repository, something that is not even on my radar scope.

This would require keeping our distro and the Asterisk Now Kernel in sync. Creating such a dependency would be an administrative nightmare.

If someone wants to step up to the plate and find the xen-kernel sources and offer to keep them built for the distro, and more than one use wants it, (that’s alot of ands) it would make sense to look at doing it.

I have to agree with Tony, simply including a Digium produced binary RPM would create problems that have sunk distro’s like trixbox in the reliability department.

I never want to have to create a post here that chastises someone for running a yum command.

We commissioned a study of trixbox users and found that the average heart rate increases 40% when performing upgrades in anticipation if the system would function again.

Conversely the same subjects were monitored while performing a FreePBX Module Admin upgrade and their heart rates reduced due to the introduction of additional serotonin as their brains anticipated the exciting, reliable upgrades they were about to receive.

We want the distro to be as reliable as the FreePBX upgrades have the reputation of being. A very conservative stance on the introduction of binary rpm’s is critical to support this mission.