Module -> endpointmanager -> no display_name or short_name


I’m using endpointmanager with FreePbx

In the template for an spa922, spa5xx I have this code:

	<Display_Name_{$line}_ ua="na">{$displaynameline}</Display_Name_{$line}_>
	<!-- If BLF then set this to the BLF -->
	<Short_Name_{$line}_ ua="na">{$short_name}</Short_Name_{$line}_> 

In the generated file I have this:

        <Display_Name_1_ ua="na"></Display_Name_1_>
        <!-- If BLF then set this to the BLF -->
        <Short_Name_1_ ua="na"></Short_Name_1_>

The display_name and short_name is empty and there is no display in the phone.

I have changed the $displaynameline for $displayname and $short_name for $ext and it works, and now I have:

        <Display_Name_1_ ua="na">User Name</Display_Name_1_>
        <!-- If BLF then set this to the BLF -->
        <Short_Name_1_ ua="na">100</Short_Name_1_>

Is this the good way to do that? How can I tell to the provisioning if a button line is for a line or for a blf? how can I configure a button for a blf?

The information of variables that can be used in the provisioning files must be updated.


No it’s not a good way to do it.

I updated this yesterday sometime so please download the update and check to see if it’s working or not again. Thanks.

no, well not like as wish. Maybe is because my neededs are different from what you want to do.

Where normaly display the extension number (<Short_Name_1_>) now displays what you have called {$short_name} this is a substring of the Display name without blank spaces and with some dots at the end.

And where normaly display the name of the user now is blank. I think this is because in <Station_Name> is assigned the value of {$station_name} and this variable is black. Because this value is provisioned black that the phone do not display de <Display_Name_{$line}_ > value and try to display the <Station_Name> but this is empty.

What I have is:

<Station_Name group="Phone/General">{$displayname.line.1}</Station_Name>

because I want to display the name of the user. I haven’t tried to don’t provision this value but if is provisioned empty the display name is empty

<Display_Name_{$line}_ ua="na">{$displaynameline}</Display_Name_{$line}_>

this is ok

<Short_Name_{$line}_ ua="na">$USER</Short_Name_{$line}_> 

this is the default value. With this the terminal displays the extension number.