Module CustomContext

Nice day ! I’m installed module CustomContext then after i’m create two context mirohost and mirohost1.
How can I include context mirohost1 into the context mirohost tools of the web interface? I can register in the config with my hands

include = mirohost1

but this is not interesting because there is a web interface. Tell me how please?

What are you actually trying to do?

You can’t make changed to the GUI through context changes, so if that’s where you’re starting, you need to look at GitHub for information on creating a new module.

I am looking in the web interface in the context module for an option that will allow one context to be included in another. An option in the web interface that records the include option in the desired file

This is the wrong format. It needs to be include => mirohost1

Is there a button in the web interface that includes context in context, that’s what I mean

No - that’s not how custom contexts work, so having the GUI make changes wouldn’t be a good plan.

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