Module Changelog

I get e-mail from my freepbx servers letting me know that new modules are available. This is a great feature, but I was wondering where do I find a change log for freepbx modules?

I’m always tempted to upgrade, but on production machines I have a saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it!”. However if the update addresses a bug or a security vulnerability that may bite me in the butt later I would like to update the module.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the info guys

Check for Updates Online. Click on the module that show Update available, click on Changelog.

and just to add to Mikael, since you will find that the Changelogs are usually very cryptic, e.g. nothing more than a ticket number, you will find that you can click on the ticket numbers and they will take you to the ticket in trac that has all the information about the bug including links back to the SVN check-ins that were changed so you can see exactly what changed and decide if you want to accept the change or not.

As a general rule, only bug fixes are updated within a production release. Further more, if we don’t consider the bug critical we will usually only updated it in the most current release (2.8 currently). Security updates are usually provided back to 2.3, so if you are running 2.6 or earlier (which we are not technically supporting) its almost always a security issue.

Also as a general rule, we are quite conservative when updating modules. It is very rare that a bug fix in the current release introduces another issue, and when that has happened in the past, it was usually fixed within minutes to hours of being noticed by someone.