Module CDR-Reports: Issues with umlauts

Hello FreePBX-guys!

I have an issue with the CDR-Reports module. Well, it isn’t a real issue, but it is annoying me :wink:

In Germany, where I live, there are some special letters in the alphabet called umlauts. Here they are: ä, ö, ü. These letters are of course part of german names, so there are phonebook entries like “Müller” (Miller in english). When Mr. Müller calls in, Asterisk (I’m using PBX in a Flash, Asterisk 11, FreePBX 2.11) correctly links the caller ID to the phonebook entry. On the phones and on the logfiles there apears “Müller”. Everything seams to be ok so far. But on the CDR-Module, the “ü” won’t be accepted. Instead there is a questionmark “M�ller”. It must habe something to do with the code UTF-8. I’m just not good in PHP or SQL to get out, what’s wrong there.

Could you please help me, to display names with umlauts even in CDRs correctly?

PS: FreePBX doesn’t allow to name internal extensions with umlauts - but normally supports them. This should please be solved, as my users would like to see their correct names on the phone displays. :wink:

Geetings from Germany!

no one out there? :wink: Please, give me a hint…

CallerID has it’s origins with BellCore which limits the name to 15 ASCII uppercase letters, some SIP carriers have more relaxed specifications, but many VOIP applications are still much more comfortable with non localized presentation and choke on “non-standard” strings, at this time the module you want to use does not support your locale, I believe there are moves afoot to fix that some time in the future . . . .

(but the code is open sourced, so feel free to fix it perhaps with php’s mb_convert_encoding function.)