Module app_stack fails to load when starting Asterisk 1.8?

I installed a new Ubuntu 11.10 64 Bit Server where i installed Asterisk 1.8.4 via aptitude.

After that i copied my Asterisk 1.4.x and Freepbx Config and Databases from my old Ubuntu 8.04 64 Bit Server to the new Server.

After starting Asterisk and amportal i could not use the phones because the module app_stack was not loaded automaticly.

I have to load app_stack manualy from the asterisk console to get asterisk work.

Unfortunately asterisk dont works like expected after that. Normal phone calls are working but if a phone call arrives and goes to a queue the phone of the agent only rings once.

This worked without problems before. Did i missed some new Asterisk 1.8.x options which i need to set manually in /etc/asterisk?

Should i use another (self compiled) version of Asterisk? What version is best to use with Freepbx? 1.4.x, 1.6.x or 1.8.x?

Any other ideas how i could sove the problem?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: