Module Administration Missing

I’m trying to add new modules to my FreePBX installation, but the “Module Administration” is not under “tools”. The only thing listed is “FreePBX System Status”. “Module Admin” is not listed.
This is FreePBX 2.4.0 running on Debian. Any idea as to how I could get the “Module Admin” to show up?

The module administration may have been re-named or name removed from the XML file in the samba file system.

Are there any blank menu items?? These may have been removed also!
I had a system installed based on freepbx and the support company went bust. I have found a few things out since then.

it should be in share/var/www/html/admin/module-builtin.xml

Below is 2 lines that should appear in this file “Module Admin” would be the name that appears on the menu.

	modules1 display="modules" type="tool" category="Admin" sort="-9">Module Admin</modules1 
	modules2 display="modules" type="setup" category="Admin" sort="-9">Module Admin</modules2