Module Administration Doesn't Transition to

When upgrading modules in “Module Administration” I get the screen that says “Please confirm the following actions” and lists the modules to be upgraded, I click “Confirm”, the modules download and install, and I click “Return”. In the past, the next screen offered the opportunity to “Apply Config”, but now I’m put back to the “Please confirm the following actions” screen. I can get to the “Apply Config” option by going to “Module Admin” again. I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found an answer.

Any ideas or solutions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Try the module_admin system utility in /var/lib/asterisk/bin

Run the program with a ? for all the options. It’s self explanatory.

Your issue (IMHO it is!) is the main reason why I literally hate to update FreePBX Modules through “that” (I mean: engineered in “that” way) FreePBX Module Admin web interface and it’s also the main reason why I undoubtedly prefer to verify/update them only using FreePBX specific CLI commands (as example: the “Apply Config” could be manually performed using the “amportal a r” command as SkykingOH suggested).

Definitely someone should open an Issue Ticket to ask for a change/enhancement about that specific user interface behaviour.

See here and here.

It’s already been enhanced (in 12) and this is a non-issue in 12.

I still like the CLI utils, kinda like a stick shift vs an auto. More feel.

I was a big advocate of eliminating the GUI in FreePBX but nobody would listen to me.

Just imagine a cool expert interface where you could do something like:

ring-group add 113 ringallv2 100 101 102


template an extension and then go:

extension add 100 sip secret 123456 vmpass 1234

Gosh I am getting all fluttered

I used the term “issue” because I think it’s a generic term (issue=require enhancement=require fix…maybe I’m wrong) to say that something is not behaving like it (naturally) should or like the user/administrator is expecting.

Good news about FreePBX 12!

It’s a very nice idea!

You’re right: manual shift versus automatic…two different philosophies of two very different drivers.

Module Admin via the CLI is a great workaround. Thanks for the tip.