Module Admin Upgrade FreePBX Framework?


I am running:

Asterisk 11.7.0

I have been using the Module Admin to upgrade. It appears that FreePBX framework will not update beyond my current version. Have I reached some limit or do I need to see about a manual upgrade.

Thank you.


What is the error you are facing?

No error. It simply does not offer any upgrades for FreePBX when I “Check Online”

Then there are no further upgrades for FreePBX 2.11.

It appears from other threads that there is a version 2.11.65 that has been released. Is there a table somewhere showing the latest releases by version for FreePBX?

The last Framework version for 2.11 is “”. There is unfortunately no table like this.

In particular I would like to get a fix that was put in Jan 2014 for MySQL lock files when the server goes down hard.

That would not be framework. It would be a distro upgrade. Distro version numbers have never been in the 2.11 range.

Ok, I see. Sorry for my ignorance here, but how do I get fixes that are included in later Distros? Upgrade? Here is the Distro information for the fix I want:

FreePBXFREEPBX-7574MySQL wont start after power loss

Thanks again for your help!


Great. Got it. Thanks again for the help.