Module Admin shows 'Not installed' modules

I think this happened after upgrading to 16, but when I go to Module Admin, Module Updates, Check Online and then check the “Show only upgradeable” box it still shows modules that are listed as “Not installed (Available online)”.

What can I do to get it to not show these modules?

Current PBX Version: 16.0.30
Current System Version: 12.7.8-2208-2.sng7

I just upgraded a couple systems this evening from FreePBX v15 to v16 and I ran inro the same issue. Since the referebced modules are not installed, go ahead and remove them (unless you want/need some of them). After removal, they will show back up again as “Not Installed” after performing an online check… Now, however, when you check the box for “Show only upgradeable” they won’t show up which I believe is the desired behavior.

Thanks, that worked.

Only two that I didn’t remove. The “Oracle connector” because there’s no option to remove it (probably have to pay a license fee to Mr. Ellison to do that :joy: ) and the Sangoma Realtime API because it says it’s used by SangomaConnect, which we do use but then I’d expect the API to be installed. :shrug:

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